About Steve

Steve Burton is the founder and president of Equity 1 Inc. Financial Solutions. Along with protecting and growing money through unique programs, Equity 1 helps people find “lost funds” to enhance their portfolios. A radio talk show host for many years, Steve has also come to be known for his no-nonsense, common sense approach to money. His weekly features on the economics of politics find him “ranting” on the irrational mismanagement of our nation’s funds by those in elected office.

Steve has also given hundreds of seminars that introduce proven strategies using 21st century “hybrid” products to make money in both good times and bad. These workshops have taught people of all ages that, unless they are properly funded, mortgages and other so-called “secure” investments can actually destroy, rather than create, wealth.

Born in Ohio and raised in Virginia by a police captain father and a stay-at-home mom, Steve learned and maintained a strong work ethic from an early age. He was employed by the Secret Service for three years while attending school, but his love of business won over his interest in police work.

Steve has started and purchased many enterprises over the years, but the desire to help others create wealth finally led him to the financial services business in the 1990s. The thrill of helping people to improve their lives in the short term while at the same time creating and achieving long term financial freedom motivates him. Many have asked Steve why he works so hard, and his response is that this is as much fun for him as playing golf or shopping.

Steve has been married to his wife Annette for over 30 years and they have two sons, Kevin and Adam. They currently reside in Chesapeake, VA. For more information, send an email to: steve@equity1inc.com

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